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Wood Care Instructions:


-Hand wash your wooden spoons, boards, and other kitchenware soon after use. A gentle dish soap and warm water will do the trick!

-Dry your items with a clean dish town immediately after washing. Leaving excess water on them will only give the wood a chance to soak it up...and then crack. Follow up with an overnight air dry.

-Once dry, massage wood butter into your items. A pea-sized dab or two is all you'll need--just enough to for the surface to look fresh and sparkly! Wipe clean any excess with a lint-free towel or rag.



-Don't soak your wooden items in water! This creates a perfectly moist environment for microbes to make a home inside the wood.

-Don't wash in the dishwasher! Not only does this create a similar situation as described above, the excessive heat and moisture will surely crack your beloved wooden wares.

-Don't let your wooden kitchen tools go too long without a reciting of wood butter, especially those with regular use. The wood butter keeps your items from drying out and cracking, while repelling excess moisture and bacteria. Plus they love a good massage too ;)


Keep up this simple regimen, and you'll be using your wooden homewares for years to come!