Lo Wood.Work was launched in 2017 as a brand extension of myself, Laura Wagner (aka Lo). The brand grew naturally from my desire to expand my woodwork outside the realms of art, furniture, and installation, and into accessible product design. I believe everyday objects can be just as beautiful as expensive art. 

My shop philosophy is layered, but ultimately comes to down to one word: appreciation. It wasn’t until a few years ago, while I was living in the woods in Vermont, that I really developed my own sense of appreciation for trees and wood as a material, and how best to utilize that appreciation in my work. Nowadays, my process is completely encompassed by this notion of respect for the material—I use every little scrap in my shop, and purchase small quantities leftover from commercial shops. Not only does this cut down on consumption, but it aids in my goal of showcasing the beauty of the wood. For example, my round boards are all made to fit the size of the board that I buy. You may have noticed that I offer size ranges as opposed to pre-determined sizes for my products. This is because a 9” wide plank would leave too much scrap if I committed to making only 8” rounds. Thusly, I make my boards and rounds the width of the plank I buy to best showcase the grain and figure, and create as little waste as possible. As you could imagine, cutting rounds out of a rectangular plank would create several small triangular pieces as scrap. I then turn this "scrap" into candle holders and incense burners. The same can be said for my spoons and other products I create. This idea of utilizing as much of the wood as possible feels like I am showing my deepest respect for the material—it will all be used, appreciated, and admired for years to come.

xo Lo

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