Summer Plans

I'm basically the worst at updating my News page. But here I am(!), about to share my summer plans with you :)

I (Laura aka Lo) will be spending my summer in Colorado at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. I'll be assisting the students and instructors all summer long in the woodshop, and soaking up time in one of my favorite places.

I interned at The Ranch 4 years ago and had the best time, so I'm excited to get back there again. I'll try my best to share my journey via Instagram. Follow along and you'll get to see the beauty of The Rockies through my eyes as well as (hopefully) some new work. Also, if you have the means, I HIGHLY recommend signing up for a class at The Ranch. It's a place rich in community, inspiration, craft....basically all the good things :) 

Laura Wagner
Renegade Craft Fair SF - July 15 + 16

I'm so beyond excited to announce I'll be Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco next month! I've heard great things about Renegade from other artists and makers across the country--I can't wait to experience it! And after coming down from the high of West Coast Craft, I could use a boost of energy to keep the momentum going! 

Laura Wagner